Success Stories

I grew up in a big family, on the tiny First Nation of Long Lake #58, under the umbrella of Matawa and NAN. I grew up in a world before running water-sewage and we had to haul water by hand and boil to disinfect. We had to hunt and trap for our food in the winter, which meant taking me out of school in the fall to help my grandfather, grandmother, and my parents. By this time, my Father Marcel Bananish ...

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Who We Are

In Thunder Bay, Crown Ward Education Championship Team members are from the education system, child welfare agencies, counselling and employment services working together to support Crown Wards and former Crown Wards.

How We Can Help

This web site has been designed by former youth in care and committee members to assist Crown Ward students to succeed at college, univeristy and apprenticeship training.  Crown Ward Education Championship Teams will offer mentorship, peer support, motivation and guidance to Crown Wards.